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Varieties : Eggplant

Until comparatively recently, the eggplant was considered exotic in many Western countries.  It was cultivated from a wild variety that was similar to a hen's egg in shape and color, which explains its name.

Regardless of the skin color, the fruit is always white inside. Eggplant is made up of 92% water. To draw out some of the water and reduce the bitter taste before cooking, cut into slices and sprinkle with salt. Let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry. While drying lightly squeeze each piece to remove the most water. This will reduce the amount of oil they will absorb during frying.

Among the varieties we grow are the traditional black (dark purple) Italian (white band under the cap and more round shape), bright neon purple colored and white. The white eggplant is sweeter and the skin is more tender.

We also grow a long sausage shaped in black and white. This tender eggplant is excellent for grilling or using in any eggplant recipe. It is easily steamed and the skin in tender. The small coin-shaped slices are perfect for pizza topping.

Keep refrigerated. The skin will start to wrinkle within a day or two of picking. Always pick firm eggplants with smooth skin to know you are getting as close to harvest as possible.  We do not keep them past five days. Another reason to buy local.



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