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Varieties : Basil, Sweet

Sweet leaf basil is a traditional flavor in pesto. Its flavor blends with tomato dishes or raw in salads. It can be used in the preparation of poultry, lamb, pork and seafood.  We also grow other types such as cinnamon and lemon flavored. The lemon flavor is excellent with pesto recipes.
Fresh basil can be kept for a short time in your refrigerator. Wash, pat dry and roll in a paper towel. Place towel in an airtight Ziplock bag and store in refrigerator up to two weeks. For longer storage it can be frozen. Wash, pat dry and cut into serving size. Place in an airtight container and freeze up to six months. Pesto can be frozen also. We suggest using an ice cube tray to freeze individual portions. They are ready to pop out for your menu.
We grow basil on raised beds in the field. Basil is cold sensitive. We plant it after the last frost of spring and harvest until the first frost of fall. It is an annual herb.
Basil originated in Iran, India and Tropical areas of Asia. In ancient Greece it represented hatred. Today it represents love in Italy. In any language it represents great flavor in your dishes.

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