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Varieties : Beans, Green String

Green beans are also known as snap or bush beans. They grow on short bush like plants and are picked when the pods reach a slender finger length. They were first developed by Calvin Kleeney in 1894. Green beans are high in mineral content, with significant amounts of vitamins A, B-1 and B2. They make an excellent high energy drink when combined with carrots, celery and spinach.

We harvest several different plantings during the summer from late June to October. Each planting produces enough for three weeks of picking until the pods are too tough. Green beans are the unripe pods of a bean that can be shelled and dried.

Green beans should be stored unwashed in the refrigerator and washed and prepared as needed. They will last up to a week in the refrigerator. To prepare, snap off the tips of the bean, snap into pieces 2 inches in length or leave whole. This a great step to have the whole family join in on. Rinse and let dry. Place in boiling water or steam until tender. To freeze beans, they must first be blanched. Snap and wash as before. Place in boiling water for three minutes. Remove immediately, drain and plunge into ice water for three minutes. Remove, dry and place in air tight freezer bags. Freeze up to six months.

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