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Varieties : Cucumbers, Salad


Cucumbers probably first grew wild in the mountains of northern India. Only cucumbers grown outdoors will produce seeds; greenhouse cucumbers have no seeds. This is because green house cucumbers are not pollinated. The cucumber's dark green skin contains lutein and xeazanthin, carotenoids that help fight cataracts and macular degeneration, which can cause blindness. Enjoy this refreshing vegetable in a salad or on your favorite sandwich but don't forget to eat the skin.

Cucumbers must be refrigerated. Wash the skin to remove any dirt and the small spiny points. Keep cut cucumber in an airtight container or wrapped to keep the air out. They are most commonly eaten raw. Their is a cucumber soup that is made from pureed cucumbers. These large fruits can be made into sliced pickles.

Size does matter. The larger the cucumber, the larger the seeds inside. Too small and they are bitter. Don't confuse them with your small pickling variety.

We grow cucumbers in small hills of 3 to 4 seeds planted together. The plants vine out as far as four feet. Bees are very important to pollinating the flowers. We make several successive plantings to assure a fresh crop all summer.



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