End of the season... Not the work.

The weather has turned colder and frost has ended our growing time. After 20 straight weeks of markets we are getting some needed rest. This is just the right time to look back and plan ahead.

These new display tables that Steve built were perfect for showing off our flowers.

In October we planted our garlic. We now grow 5 different varieties. If winter is kind to the tiny cloves we will have large bulbs to pick next July.

Like a letter to Snata I am making our my flower seed list. I anticipate providing flowers for more weddings, showers and other events in 2018. I am taking online classes on flower techiques. All this to improve our service to you.

We Believe...

Every bloom needs a home and every home needs a bloom!


One Fine Farmer

We will miss our Mick!



Flowers for your next event...

Call 440-862-1691  ask for Kay for  your special event order.

We  grow a wide range of fresh cut flowers in season for all occasions from weddings to birthdays. 
We can create  your arrangements or sell bulk so you can add your own touch.
Each week brings something new as more and more buds explode with color. Snap dragons, sweet peas, delphiniums, zinnias, marigolds, yarrow, black eye susies, sunflowers and so much more.each is selected and cut just before your event to bring you fresh country looks.



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